Biochemical Reaction Engineering 

Bio Chemical Reaction Engineering fourth semester

Biochemical reaction engineering deals with:

Review of kinetics for homogeneous reactions: In this unit, we discuss about Rate of reaction also factors that affecting the rate and presence and absence of catalyst, and also rate data using batch and flow reactor  In this we study the detail of reaction mechanism, different types of reactors for ex-batch reactor, flow reactor, ideal reactor and semi-batch reactor their performance and designing of reactors.

Kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed reaction in free and immobilized states: In this unit, we discuss immobilization of enzymes its methods of immobilization, diffusional limitation of the immobilized enzyme it consists of porous(internal diffusion) and non-porous support (external diffusion) also its significance also we can study about Michaelis-Menten equation and its modification.

Kinetics of substrate utilization, product formation and biomass production: This unit discusses about Monod equation its application and model also we can study about Michaelis-Menten equation represented Monod equation by graphical representation and it consists of line weaver-Burk plot, Eadie-Hofstee diagram etc. it also discusses structured and unstructured kinetic rate which consist of thermal death kinetics of cells and Transport phenomenon in bioprocess consist of  gas-liquid mass transfer in system and bubble swarms.

Microbial growth kinetics: This unit discusses about sterilization, medium, different types of sterilization for ex-batch and continuous sterilization its advantages also kinetics of sterilization it consists of Del factor, decimal reduction time, calculation of del factor during heating and cooling also the calculation of holding time at constant temperature.
Air sterilization: here,  we discuss methods of air sterilization mechanism of air sterilization also advantages and disadvantages of air sterilization also designing of a filter.
Design of Reactors: here, we discuss energy balance of different reactors like ideal reactors and single phase reactors and its designing, heat effects of reactors.


Bioprocess Engineering: Basic Concepts F. Kargi and Michael L. Shuler

Chemical reaction engineering, Levenspiel O, John Wiley & Sons

Elements of Chemical reaction engineering Scott Fogler



Chemical Technology by Dr. S. S. Sambhi (Alumni talk #2)


Dr.S.S.Sambhi Sir addressing the students
Dr.S.S.Sambhi who is one of the renowned professors. Graduated and completed his Ph.D. from IIT Delhi, he worked in the Chemical Industry. He was the first dean of University School of Chemical Technology, GGSIPU and later, also became the President of Indian Insitute of Chemical Engineers NRC Delhi.

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