Allumini Meet 2017



a.k.a  ALUMNI MEET 2017 

Date: 10th November 2017

USCT Alumni Meet initiated with the torch

Alumni meet is a formal event where students who have graduated from university come together for a get-together. This is an event organised as for alumni to get to time travel their memories of the university and also for students to get a chance to interact with the alumni to get to know about how they overcome with the struggles they faced while studying in the university.

Renewable Energy Seminar


Renewable Energy by Shri N.K.Bharali

IIChE Seminar 3

DATE: June 17, 2017

IIChE Seminar 3 on Renewable Sources of Energy

Teach For India

Teach For India is an NGO working in the field of education.the organisation focus in imparting education to underprivileged children in government schools.

Scopes in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Scopes in chemical and biochemical engineering by Dr.D.D Maheshwari

Location: E-block auditorium, GGSIPU

Date : 31 March, 2017

Dr. D.D. Maheshwari
Dr D.D. Maheshwari is one of the renowned engineers in chemical industry. Graduated from Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS,Pilani) in Chemical engineering, he pursued his education from Indian Institute of Management and then from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

Sports Meet 2017

With Sports Meet Coming to an end today, it was a great fun and exciting experience to watch all the players from various colleges competing with each other and performing beyond their limits to reach the victory and bring glory to their college. The event started on 12th October 2017 to 14th October 2017.
Out of many University School Students (USS) representing GGSIPU, we proudly present some of the victories which were brought by students from USCT representing in the events.




Srijan Science Club of GGSIPU presented the much-awaited event Frontiers on October 10,2017 (Tuesday) at C-Block Auditorium, which started at 10:30AM
It comprised of 3 sub-events with equal parts of awesomeness.

IIChE Seminar on polymers, elastomers, tyres and marketing


 Seminar on polymers, elastomers, tyres and marketing

Date: 18 March, 2017

IIChE Seminar on Elastomers, Polymers
Rubbers and Marketing


Computer Science First semester BCE & CE

Computer Science First semester BCE & CE

Computer Science includes the study of the history of computers and basic concepts of programming language "C".


Communication skills 1 first semester

in communication skills part 1, you will learn about basic grammar, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitutions, editing and many other skills involved in communication,

4 Exercises to Test How Fast Your Brain Is

video credits : BRIGHT SIDE

a quick way of testing your aptitude to know about the capabilities of your brain


Physics 1 first semester
in physics, you will study about relativity, optics, lasers and fibre optics. This course contains two lectures, one tutorial and two lab practicals. credits value of this subject is 3+1= 4.


Organic Chemistry First Semester

Organic Chemistry deals in study of structures, properties and reactions involved with organic compounds.
this subject includes three lectures, two tutorials and three practicals , which effectively holds 4+2=6 credits of your first semester.


electrical science deals in the study of major circuits, circuit devices like motors transformer and basic lab equipments.

University School of Chemical Technology(USCT)

University School of Chemical Technology (USCT) is one of the branches of the main campus of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ( G...