Chemchord is the annual tech fest organised by the students of University School of Chemical Technology .

Every year , many universities participate in the competitions organised by chemchord which are both fun and informative at the same time.

There are many technical events which tests your elementary and advance knowledge in chemical and biochemical engineering. This may include Paper presentation, Solving industrial problem with a model demonstrating your idea and the famous Chem-E-Car in which you design battery for the car to run. Many other Events of such type are there to look forward.

Non- Technical Events are also there which includes quizzaire, treasure hunt, street play which are there for students who wanna take side route from all technical stuff and showcase their logistics and aptitude in these events.Many other events with same category are there to look forward.

Some other key points for your notice are :-

  • you can have a leisure view of the university.
  • compete with participants and aim for the prize
  • a chance to interact with the people of mutual interest.
  • Dance performances for you to enjoy at end of the day.
  • Music and free space to dance as the part of night

You can register yourself for the events at CHEMCHORD official website.



Download our official CHEMCHORD app for Android and Iphone users

(For ios download pwa plugin if not able to run) 

Wanna be the Campus Ambassador for your college at Chemchord ? 
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